Monday, April 19, 2010


Old Trunks is thinking about the affects of spring on people and what people do to announce within themselves.

Friends in Maine had declared it when she could go to the summer porch and take photos of the wild turkeys becking at the fresh green grass only to see a day or so later, same turkeys in the snowstorm.

Son writes to say he misses the lightening storms of Kansas.

Texas folks send pictures of acres and acres of wild blue flowers; others hope for rain.

Farmers need the earth to warm and rain to soften the land to plow.

In Fargo, from the perch high above, the peregrine falcons are starting to lay eggs.

From my own perch, I see green grass, trees budding, and hear birds singing before dawn.

How interesting to think that spring means an outing without a coat but it does NOT mean an outing without a sweater.

Daughter writes that spring in Utah means walking in the park in shorts. Will the shorts purchased at the store in Lawrence get any wear this year? Hey, they are hardly worn.

Let's hope it is a lovely spring day where you live!


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