Friday, April 23, 2010


The question is, what do you look for in a doctor?

Men would say, "Small Fingers". :)

Many say someone who listens. Well, fifteen seconds after they walk in the door, and scan you, they have a pretty good idea of what is happening. The other 14 minutes and 45 seconds are for YOUR questions. I really don't think many of them listen, although they LOOK like they listen.

But, the question is, "What do you look for in a doctor"? Which makes me grin because I, personally, have never looking in a doctor. Have you?

Now that we have lightened up, let's think about how, when you get to be Medicare age, you have this new thing to think about. The first question out of your mouth should be, "DO YOU ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT".

That may seem odd but there are a lot of hidden and over fees which, if a doctor is not a provider is your responsibility.

Let's not get confused here. Let's remember that Medicare pays 80% of the charge and a secondary insurance pays 20% . Be aware there are out of pocket fees for office calls, called co-pay and someone has to pay the Medicare deductible.

All of this may seem very simple to the younger generations. But let me tell you after working in DME for years in Kansas, I met a lot of confused people who looked at these stacks of notices through their wallets and could not get a clear vision on just how things worked. It isn't so friendly if you don't understand it.

If you or your family are trying to decipher just how this works, go nose to nose with the billing department. Doctor's don't know the answers.

So what are you looking for in (side) a doctor? Let's hope for a heart and letting us not feel so imperfect when we leave with a ream of scripts.


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