Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOOK OUT!!! There is a germ out there!

The question is: When does one get so germ-a-phobic that it causes mental warping?

The old saying used to be, "Her floor is so clean you could eat off it". What exactly that mean gives reason to ponder; I am thinking it means no dog hair, dust, or plain old dirt. It does, however, give one a picture of clean.

As a kid, did you ever drop something on the floor, like part of a candy bar and pick it up and eat it? We did and didn't look around to see who may be watching when we did this deed. There was no five second rule.

Not everyone had a dish machine to sanitize the dishes. Just hot soapy water and to some, no rinse, but dry. (I still think soap gives you diarrhea, but that is another subject not necessarily to be covered later).

We could use Daddy's comb but never Mother's brush--and if we did, she knew it! I do not know the reason.

When mother was in the San, and we went to visit, if one used the phone in the lobby, one used a tissue to hold the phone. This made sense TB was still making people very sick. Greg and I were not allowed to touch for for almost two years we only waved at her from outside her window.

But the latest thing is two fold. Your toothbrush is not to be within six feet of the toilet lest the germs escape and get on your brush AND each person needs to have their own tube of toothpaste so you don't contaminate the tooth paste when you drag the brush across the gel.

When I told my Sweet Thomas what I had read, he asked about kissing.

Now we ask you, is that too germy too?


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