Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My sweet Thomas owns a shop where one buys glasses and presciption lenses are ordered according to the doctor's orders. I think you would like him as a business person serving clients. He is very good at what he does and has been in the business forty some years. He keeps up with trends and different types of lenses available. Generations of people have come to him because he knows what he is doing. Actually, he went to school to get a certificate.

But this isn't about glasses, inasmuch as it is about a ninety year old lady doubling back after being fitted with glasses to bring him a gift of buns she had made. Both the husband and wife are highly educated people who have gotten their glasses from Tom as long as they can remember.

To get a home made gift is a rariety in this culture of ours. To get something from the oven of a 90 year old is rare. It is humbling.

Tom called me after she dropped off the package to ask what was for dinner. He wanted the buns to fit in some how.

We had a great discussion about what was better on buns; peanut butter or jelly. What it reminded me of was my grandparents, who, perhaps like many, got up at 2A on bread baking day.

One cold winter day as a teenager, I was staying over night at their house and just happened to be there on bread morning. Grandpa poked a hole in the still warm bun, filled it with butter and chokecherry jelly and put it in my sleeping mouth. It was divine!



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