Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 MAR 1922

My Mother was born on this date. We know she was born at 9:30 in the morning but we never learned just where. Was she a hospital born child or a home birth. How would they know the time?

She was the last of four children of Clara Jensen and Phillip A Lundberg.

Mother stated she had a good life, apologized for any wrongs or harm she had done, said she loved me, and died on 17 NOV 2002.

She liked to knit, crochet, and read. She was a volunteer with Girl Scouts and within the church. She liked to have her hair done and her car clean including in the winter, when the gas station would come and get it, clean it up and keep it over night so it would be dry. Bet you thought I was going to say the beauty shop came to get her and kept her over night!!!

She moved the lawn because she did it best.

She was a lot of things but one thing she was not was someone who put on airs. She dressed up to go to the grocery store because that is what she did.

She didn't say much but when she got mad it lasted a few days, day and night she ranted, then went to sleep and the next day, dinner was on the table and that meant it was over.

She worked once for three days.

She threatened to work more often. The conversation read like a script.

She: I am going to go to work at the nursing home and wash dishes.
He: Look pretty silly pulling up to a nursing home in that new Caddilac, fur coat, and diamonds.

When not ill and away or having a tyrannt about something, she was always there for her family. She cooked, cleaned, washed, ironed, and like I say, mowed the grass.

I was telling my sweet Thomas recently about a plumber I knew with really chapped hands. Since mother's hands were so soft, I figured her lotion would work on his, so I have him the bottle. She wondered where it was. Well, he seemed to need it more than her. Lesson: Ask.

But you know, I didn't know who she was, only what she did. Regrets? No, just the sign of the times.



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