Sunday, March 7, 2010


Then I asked.................."Is that the new style of glasses?.................and the answer is, anything goes.

Ladies who looked like 100 but where really only half that age in old pictures held their wire rimmed glasses in their hand. Why do you think that is? Would the powder flash catch the glass in the frames? Now we have anti-reflective, there is no bounce off, why do people take their glasses off for pictures now?

Imagine all the types of frames my sweet Thomas has seen come and go in his career as an optician for the last 46+ years. Glasses, like jewelry, revives itself.

The lady I asked about had huge plastic frames which looked like they were from the early 1980's. How did she keep them up on her nose? Maybe she used Velcro or Duct tape. Well, maybe never since the lenses themselves have become ultra light, unlike Grandpa Benhard in his thick-cataract glasses. What a shame to cover up those pretty blue eyes with the bottom of Coke bottles.

When you look at someone, do you really want to see their glasses first? How about yourself, do you want temples, (bows) wide enough to use to skate board?

What do you see and what do your glasses say about you?


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