Tuesday, March 9, 2010


............and she said, "I don't show up to work on Monday its because I died from XX toxic farts. You will need a hazmat suit to recover my body. I would like to be cremated".

She is a giggle on wheels, isn't she? I asked her what she fed him and described a delicious dinner. It wasn't what she made, it is the shake he made for himself to make him healthy. He told me what it was and Old Trunks was convinced it must have tasted like saw dust. He declined to agree, stating it had berries in it.

For any of you who have launched a health driven diet and do protein shakes with two cups of oats in it, and have been around a horse barn and listened for the 'air' then you know oats = hazemat suits.

And I ask you, what price wellness? Are we over loaded with information stating what is NOW the worst chemicals? I was told recently that since Coke could take the tar off cars and clean batteries, wasn't I worried it was going to eat my stomach? I was not convinced that water tasted good nor was I willing to drink tea instead of coffee for my wellness.

Not all of us can follow a drummer that stamps certain foods as okay to eat. Not all of us are going to be runway model thin. Some of us do not color our hair or have our smile whitened.

Some of us do not eat oats and do not need hazemat suits to protect ourselves against ourselves or others. Some of us do not think, I have gas, what did I eat and go off on a quest to find it out, we just expel it and go on.

All of us have been in a grocery store and walked through a cold of stinky air wondering just who left it. But it didn't make our mascara run or peel the labels off the cans.

What price do we pay for prime health OR can we pay for it?

Go figure.


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