Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Traditionally, many celebrants bought new clothes for Easter which they wore to church. After church services, everyone went for a walk around the town. This led to the American custom of Easter parades all over the country. Perhaps the most famous is along Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Zion Lutheran Church had there own Easter Parade. On that special Sunday, the congregation would file up around the altar and place their offering. Mother never did the walk, she didn't wear a new bonnet on Easter Sunday either. To a child, it was a fashion show, I did not grasp the idea of the money and the altar, only that Mrs. Peterson seemed to have her own private offering table. She stood near the table singing a hymn but it seemed to me she was singing for offerings. Odd the impressions we have as children, isn't it?

What was the name of the movie with Judy Garland? Wasn't it Easter Parade?


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