Monday, March 1, 2010


Canada has a right to be proud! What a sweet victory for them!

We talked about how all the best of American hockey players at one time came from Northern Minnesota. Towns named Roseau, Warroad, and Eveleth come to mind. The same villages that PeeWee hockey from Thief River Falls visited and played on out door rinks. We stood around the rink's side boards in our heavy winter coats watching the players as well as the breath from the many spectators. We hoped for still, sunny days because we knew it was going to be cold. At least Thief River Falls had an indoor rink.

Old Trunks wonders if, when boys gathered to play hockey in the street if they had visions of championships or did they just play? Was it just something to do and a chance to cuss at cars which drove over the clumps of snow used as goals?

And what about those elementary school kids who played on an out door rink which was flooded in the late fall and never to be groomed again? Did they have visions? What about the kids who played only after school and never were preened or coached? Do they have memories of the sport? According to Frank, yes, they do.

What about the kids who played in high school that for one reason or another where not allowed to play high school hockey? Where did these young men get their pleasure for hockey met? On the city team, where everyone was someone and your back ground didn't matter as long as you could handle a stick.

For now, Canada will rejoice it its victory much like New Orleans did after the Saints won the Super Bowl. Everyone who ever played hockey of any sort, whether it be in the street, in high school or college will have a memory.

Although hockey is a team effort; our memories are individual. Maybe life is like that. Perhaps all of us say WE when we think ME.

Happy March.


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