Saturday, March 6, 2010


...................and Mimi said, " Religion is like underwear: It makes some people feel comfortable while some people feel free to go without, but either way you don't need to share it with everyone. And yes, I made that metaphor up myself".

Old Trunks truly thinks this is an awesome statement. For those of you who grew up in a small town there was only Christianity and the big split was Catholics verses 'other' which was made up of Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, and other too numerous to mention. There are about 20 places to worship in that city at this time, perhaps more than when Old Trunks lived there. In a quick look at what is available today, and there is nothing but what is above mentioned. What does this tell you?

I used to try to figure out how a town of 7,500 people could support so many churches which had two services on Sunday. I deducted that each church must have a following of 750 people no matter what the age. How do the business of church survive?

I asked someone recently since one of the businesses had decided to be okay with gays, would that make a difference to them. He laughed because he thought I wondered if the business called church was looking for more members not souls to save.

I have a Jewish friend, we do not exchange our religious views; rather we exchange friendship in some sort of universal way where there is an un-named gathering place.

To tell on my Dad, I remember someone coming to the farm in the fifties and asking for a pledge. Daddy told him he would pledge $50.00 a year. He told the man he needed a church where his children could be married and a place for his funeral.

For all of us who were dropped off at the church every Saturday morning for two years to learn about our religion, our parent's did what they felt was very important. We are still seeing "baptised and confirmed in the Lutheran faith" in obituaries.

Old Trunks wonders what the skinny is on this now. Is Mini right? Is religion like underwear, some wear it for comfort; others go without.

Think about it.

Religion is not a subject I discuss.

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