Monday, March 15, 2010


She said...............If you peddle backwards on a bike, you strip the gears. The reply was it won't hurt an elliptical machine, it is made for going backwards as well as forwards.

There have been studies about how people over sixty can retain or improve their muscles by exercise. Jack Palance did one handed push ups, which isn't something most 60+ men can do. Of course, Jack Palance is dead so Old Trunks isn't certain it did him much good long term. Perhaps it just made him more grizzly looking.

There are articles on the net of encouragement to exercise to get those old muscles back to young. The articles are secret, it depends on the bio chemistry. Is that the same as DNA? Or, are all the articles hypes for vitamins and minerals?

There is a snip of trivia floating in Old Trunks head about how muscles in the front of the leg remain strong while the back looses muscle tone, OR is that opposite?

We do know that old folks who break hips need to have therapy to keep moving to keep what they had. It seems mean to get a 85 year old up and moving right after hip surgery but consider what happens if they lay in bed until complete healing, if they heal at all?

As a youngster, I was hospitalized for ten days after surgery. When I got home I could hardly make it to the barn I was so weak. Now, I was a very active farm kid and was pretty scared by that, how would I ride horseback? Yet, I walked to and from the barn many times a day until "I got my strength back". Now apply that to that 85 year and multiply it by many and realize what would happen.

After all, if the Berenstein's Bears could bike backwards, why can't we?

Happy Monday.


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