Friday, March 26, 2010


And she said, I heard the birds in the back yard, they were so loud! He asked if she had seen the robins. Old Trunks saw two crows!

The most fascinating pair in Fargo are the falcons. Their man made nest is high on the Bank of the West. In the past, there was, at best, a crude sort of camera system which took stills every so often. Nevertheless, we did have pictures and near the end of June waited to see eggs.

It is exciting to share with you there are new cameras, LIVE images; one in front of the box and the other placed to see the ledge. My only concern with the placement of the first camera is if they poop on it, there goes the image!

We did not have cameras last year, although we all wondered. The chicks were born, named, and grew up to fly away to their own territory. This year, we will watch them from hatch to flight with a daily watch.

The adults stun their prey in mid air and grasp it with their strong talons. Often, they will sit on the top of the Fericho Building where Tom has his business to eat. Tom has picked up numerous of bird caresses in the past.

One year, Tom had a telescope set up in the store as the Bank of the West where the nest is, can be seen from the front windows. This was before cameras and people truly enjoyed seeing the birds in real time.

How wonderful for all of us to have these cams available. Whether it be falcons in Fargo, the Panda Cam in California or Mother bear in her den in Northern Minnesota, one has to be fascinated with watching and waiting.


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