Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Three times I clicked on the AOL crawler named, "Most Marketable Vancouver Olympians" and all three times directed to the financial section. Even when I click on Lindsay Vonn, or Bode Miller, or Apolo Ohno, or Shaun White or Joannie Rochette.

Will it be Lindsey with her bruised shin, blonde hair and legs up to her neck. I will remember her as laying down after the win and kicking in the air.

What can you say about Apolo beyond how charming he is as well as a fierce competitor. And like many, I didn't know he was a skater; I saw him on Dancing with the Stars!

Beyond the win, was the death of Joannie Rochette's mother? Did Joannie take her mother's dying and turn it into a tribute? Or was it because she is an Olympian who touched the world with determination and character at the Games? (The Terry Fox Award in honor of an amputee runner who embarked on a cross-country journey to raise funds for cancer by the same name). I don't see it as pity BS, do you?

Shaun White with his long, curly red hair gives an air of an all around guy. Maybe even hunk. Maybe

And Bode Miller? He is a four-time world champion and two-time overall World Cup champion. But, isn't he, at least in time, the "come back kid"?

I am sticking with Shaun! Hunk or not.

Who do you want on the Wheaties box?

Happy March, dear one.


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