Thursday, March 18, 2010


...........and she asked if we were okay. She was talking about the city of Fargo, which, you may have seen on the news again this year following so much coverage from the spring of 2009.

The water is not as high as last year and we are better prepared this year than last. It is in the 40's and has been unseasonably warm, which melted the snow, which made the farm land black, which made everything warm up. It is said that south of here, the water is receding. Remember the Red River runs NORTH so we get all the run off from the south. I got so involved in it last year and I was 24/7 about it. Some low area streets are closed but they are infamous for that, including one of the golf courses. The first round of sand bagging is complete and ready to place. A million bags have been filled and the filling sand bag station has been closed for the day. All of these bags were filled by volunteer folks in a behind the scene sort of way. We were not caught off guard like last year! I can't say that enough.

Let's hope we are prepared as well as our city officials, who are truly remarkable, honest people and use their guts more than listening to the Army Corp of Engineers who wanted Fargo evacuate last year.

Hundred year flood? 1997, 2009, and 2010. Even, I, a mathematical moron know there isn't 100 years between them!

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