Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Old Trunks does not wish to get into a debate about the recently passed health insurance bill.

Before Medicare, my grandparents had no coverage. One summer, Grandma had to have gall bladder surgery. Before the leaves fell from the trees, Grandpa had the same surgery.

He told his son, "Take me to the dump, I can't afford this". Granted, the price of a trip to hospital was considerably less but so was everything else.

How did they deal with the loss of savings? Grandpa built a couple more houses and made up the loss.

Granted, not many people would build several houses to make up the difference, the last one being with his younger brother of 80+. When I say built, I mean with HIS hands. The house they lived it would sell and the two of them would move into the garage of the new house until it was finished. Now, I ask you this, would you have the stamina and the will to live in the garage when you were almost 80? Or does it really have to do with what a man's gotta do?

Think about it.


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