Monday, March 8, 2010


....and she said, another class mate has died.................

We don't think about this when we are screaming at games, walking the halls, and for some, trying to get the best of teachers.

Death passes over no one. Some are found earlier. Our 1962 graduating class of 1962 is down 18 of its members of the original class of 177. That is almost 10%.

Perhaps it is because old Trunks spent so very many hours looking for people, I am frustrated that I can not find an obituary for the last class member who deceased in Florida. We have learned of Pam's death by word of mouth, a card to her family would be in order.

When I think of her, I can see that beautiful milk like skin, that beautiful smile. Did I know her well? No. Where we friendly to one another? Yes.

In looking at the list of class mates who have died, many of them were Trinity Lutheran OR Zion Lutheran. I wonder if Pam's obituary stated, "Baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith".


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