Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And she said............."Thanks to male co-workers I know I have lights out on my car and my car is recalled".

Funny thing about all those Mr. Fixit's out there. Imagine this tough, leopard skinned man dragging you into some cave by your hair.

Men can miff me. Men can charm me. But Mr. Fixit went out with the last generation, except, of course, for my Sweet Thomas who still crosses the line when I don't think I need a knight in shining armor. For, you see at our house, the vehicles are in his column. And he doesn't take it in for service, he takes them in for a complete physical.

But I didn't always have him in my life, I was the fixer of bulbs and tires, and buyer of batteries, and all about vehicles at one time. And if a co worker male told me I had a lamp out, I would wonder if he was talking about my own mental wattage.

I have met few males in the real since I moved to Fargo. One I know would tell me I had no blinkers and I would ask where to go to get them and he would tell me he would do it for me. Because that is the way he is. Another, in the same work place would be handing me a quarter for a $1.00 cigarette and telling me in muffled tones I needed to have my car fixed. A third, a turd in his own right, would poopoo a yellow truck and say nothing else.

Now, as we all know, there are X many hours in a day. For people who work there is little wiggle room beyond work. Decisions have to be made on what to do with that X time. Male and females alike. Interesting how blinking bulbs can take so much time, isn't it?


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