Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A number of years ago, daughter and I sat writing down names. The article stated that everyone knew at least 2,500 people well enough to have a link to them. The article, (now cryptic trivia in my old brain), went on to say you knew someone that knew someone......and in the end count we were really connected in some way to thousands of people, even if it was through someone else.

We classified, as best we could according to places lived, organizations, age, and other. Since that sentence in itself is cryptic, perhaps it would make more sense if one said, grade school, high school, church, Girl Scouts, baseball, etc. Are you with me on this one? Have you heard yourself say, "Oh, I knew her/him from high school".

For those of you who have friends on line, that is, the ones you have seen in person, not the dearly beloved that are best friends and you would tell them anything but you have not physically met them. There is no difference, perhaps but it gives a better discussion using just people you have met in the flesh. Discussions about friends on line is a whole new discussion and one that will be happy to scribe someday.

Which brings me to a site called Facebook. This morning on log on, there was a picture of a lady who wanted to be friends. I had a vague feeling I knew who she was. From where? When? Why? How? I laid the idea aside in my head, knowing that my own computer brain would find the answer behind the scenes just as if it was virus software.

When I wrote to her, I told her I wondered if she was the same person who liked to visit with the lady who liked John Wayne and that person's mother was in the nursing home. She seemed very caring and fully engaged in the conversation. The John Wayne person was having a birthday. Did I take a mental photo? Or a physical photo of the two of them, or did she impress me to capture the moment on mental film? Or is that digital?

I had no other leads, her info did not give me a clue. Now, I wait with hands in my laps to find out if, indeed, she is the same person. I have come to discover that a still picture gives one an image but when you know someone in the flesh, the pix lacks soul. The photo doesn't breathe. Know what I mean?


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