Thursday, March 4, 2010


We were talking yesterday about X time. And who gets what and when. It doesn't matter how organized you are, and how much you can squeeze into one day, eventually, it all gets thrown out of sync. It is going to happen; make a choice deal with it or roll with it.

I am willing to say, other than my mother, plans for 'to do' get changed. The plan to do it remains the same but sometimes one just can't get it done timely.

I am thinking about when I worked and the hours were long and hard and if you have never been on call 24/7 then you can't know what it is like to be dashing about in the night with equipment because that is what service we provided.

From that I learned that, after a hard week of work/on call, power napping was, at least, a way to THINK I had caught up. Unlike others, I never learned that on call was only when you were called. For some reason I went on sentry duty at the strike of the clock and stayed that way until my week was over. My problem. Yes.

But what about retired folks who get caught up in projects and have a plan which carries them through the day? Do they get bumped off their feed as well?

I think one of the things I miss the most about having children is the spontaneity of the day/minute/hour. Amazingly I didn't complain when son woke me at 7A in the morning to go out and throw him baseballs and once he caught 50, gave him money for an Icee. Been years since I have thrown a baseball let alone at 7A.

I wondered just how rigid I had gotten. I have specific tasks I do each day and play games each day. I plan for the games to be finished before Tom comes home, although it doesn't always work out that way.

We are at an exciting planning time in our lives. Tom's brain cells are rubbing together and the fire is high. After dinner, he asked if I was going to farm, which I was. Rather than say yes and my favorite TV shows are on tonight, I asked him what I might do for him.

I knew that this was a task I could do better than he could AND since he had an outdoor project that should not be delayed, I took the challenge. As I was keyboarding documents for him, I was reminded of when I went to trade school in my mid-forties. I was reminded that I was honored to be of help to Tom. I finished just about the time he came down off the roof after raking off the snow.

So Santa was on the roof and elf was at the keyboard and the TV never got turned on but the plow/planting did AFTER the reality of what was before us. It was X time, taken from something else.

Maybe the real question is: What is X time worth?

Think about it.


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